DVD's of the Overland

Re-live the overland with images and film taken on the road. These DVD are a digital conversion of original film.

They are available for just the cost of materials and a small contribution to the cost of conversion. You can pay by "PayPal" or Credit Card and I will post them out to you via Air Mail. Prices are in Australian $
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"Overland Kathmandu"

with Hughes

Filmed on a Hughes Overland trip departing London early Oct 1970 by John Bruce. It shows the trials of travelling overland, great scenery shots in Turkey, beautiful images of the mosques in Esphan. The trip through the Kyber will bring back memories to all those who past this way, and traveled the Grand Trunk Road. Complete with a informative voice over explaining the journey of a life time.

Thanks to John for sharing his film with us.

Film runs for 45mins

DVD costs A$9.00

"The Road to Kathmandu"

Produced in colour as a promotion film by Exodus in the mid 70's, the film is narrated by a driver who explains the overland and the people who took on this adventure.The original 16mm film was professionally produced and shown by the BBC.

We visit all the well known places Istanbul, Esphan, Bamian, Kashmir, Agra etc as well as see how the locals live their lives.

Film runs for 48 mins.

DVD costs A$9.50

"Swagman Tours"

Pictures showing life on the road as a "Swaggy" in full colour. The DVD starts with images taken on the overland during the 1970's with film footage taken in India. We take a drive up to Kashmir, go for a ride on a 2nd world war Harley Davidson Tuk Tuk round Delhi plus visit rural Indian villages to see chapati cooking and rug weaving.

Film runs for 48 mins

DVD costs A$8.50

"Safaris Overland"

Original colour film supplied by Harvey Bonham. Taken over several trips it gives a good insight to the journey that so many overlanders took. You must see the sequence of the girls lying on the beach being watched by many turkish men with the mosque in the background or the ox drawn lawn mower.

Film runs for 1 hour 40 mins

DVD costs A$8.50

Overland through a

"Passengers Eyes"

Film shot by a passenger on a Swagman trip in 1975. It shows the passengers enjoying their time exploring the sights and having fun along the way. We visit all the popular spots. This film was shot on 8mm but it has converted very well to digital retaining its colour.

film runs for 60mins

DVD costs A$8.50

"London to Kathmandu"

Shot by a passenger who later befriended the driver, this was one of those films that lay in a cupboard for many years. It was the first film I found and for a while seemed to be the only film, but as time goes by they keep popping up. It covers all the main sites and shows a group of travellers enjoying the adventure of a lifetime.

Film runs for 59mins

DVD costs A$8.50

Check out my collection of clips from YouTube, you should find something of interest to ex Overlanders. My favorite is the first 2 showing the gate closing at the Indo/Pak border, what a performance!
The content of these DVD is supplied free, we only ask you to pay for the materials, postage and a contribution towards the cost of having them converted to digital. If you have any film footage of the Overland you would like to share I am prepared to have it converted for you providing I can use it for this project.

The overland was an exciting time for all of us, this site is dedicated to sharing information about our trips rather than letting it gather dust in a cupboard.

Derek Amey

An overland journey to India following the India overland trail through Belgium, Germany, Austria Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, & Nepal. Visting sites of Dubrovnic, Split, Kotor, Athens, Kerimoti, Istanbul, Galipolli, Troy, Delphi, Efes, Goreme, Nemrut, Tehran, Esphan, Persepolis, Shiraz, Kerman, Bam, Quetta, Kandahar, Kabul, Bamian Valley, Kyhber Pass, Indus river, Lahore, Punjab, Amritsar, Kashmir, Delhi, Agra, Taj Mahal, Vanaris, Patna, Raj Path, Kathmandu, Himalyas. All this undertaken in a 20 year old Asian Greyhound, Swagman Tours, LS Bristol bus. This Indiaoverland company was held together by Norm Harris an expatriate Aussie living in Windsor. With drivers like Bob Ashford, Geoff Lawrence, Clive Parker, Dave Watt, Ronnie Martin, John Witchard, Ken Mcdonald, Derek Amey & couriers Fred Fisher, Jos Livingstone, Peter Swift, Kieren Smith & mechanics Gordon Hammond, Graham Libby, Pomme John & Rastas just to name a few.