A Newsletter for all the ex Overlanders

Hi everyone,

As my mailing list is getting longer, I have decided to create a Newsletter to keep you up to date with any news. I forget what I've told you all. Some of you get told the same thing 3 times, while others get nothing - its called old age, so if I put it all in a Newsletter it should solve the problem. Hope you enjoy it.

All the best Derek

Film of the Overland.

As many of you will already know, Bob Ashford (ex Swagman driver) has come up with 5 rolls of super 8mm film shot on a Swagman Tour sometime in the mid 1970's. 3 rolls were taken by Noreen, Bob's partner and the other by 2 passengers. I have had them converted to digital and transfered to DVD. As they were both taken on the same trip, some of the footage is very similar but it will make a great addition to telling not just the story of Swagman, but the Overland in general. My next task is to edit the film and combine all the material I have into a DVD. This is not going to be easy, as I have never attempted working with this much material before. My computer is a good one by most standards, but this task is big and as yet, I still can't work out how to handle such big files. It may have to become 2 separate movies. There some great segments that will bring back memories for lots of you, camping by the road, "Pudding Shop" Istanbul, unbogging the bus, camel trains, rides on the mud lake, and lots more.

It will take some time to put together, but I will let you know when it's ready. The film would be great with a "voice over" to explain the trip, I have tried but I'm crap at it, maybe Bob will put his hand up!

Norm Harris (owner of Swagman Tours) says he has some film of the overland, but as yet no sign of it. I'm sure it would be a valuable addition to the Swagman history - so if your reading this Norm, we know you have it!

Here are 3 previews of life on the road (file size approx 5mgbs each)

Son of Norm

I got an email from Guy, Norm's eldest son last week with a short take on him and the family.

I have travelled a lot since leaving school. I did a stint in the Royal
Green Jackets and Royal Engineers, and travelled around the world several
times on cruise ships, as a musician. I got a degree in engineering through
the Army, and have worked as a consultant in company restructuring (the
discipline is called Reengineering) but I'm a musician at heart and that's
how I earn most of my money. I lived from 96 - 04 in Norway, but moved
briefly back to the UK, before moving here to where I live now - Utrecht, in
Holland. I play the piano in pianobars, mostly in Norway, but a few times a
month here in Holland, and currently have two IT projects going, so there
aren't really enough hours in the day!

Yes, I was the eldest, but my parents eventually had 4 kids, all of whom
would just have been born about the time you left Asian Greyhound. Me 1969,
Jane 1971, Michelle 1972 and Alexander 1974. Jane is a flautist with the
RPO in London, Michelle runs marathons for a living, divorced with 2 kids,
and Alex is a chapter for himself ... He became a mechanic, but screwed his
life up royally. He's married with a kid, living in Norway My mum, Jo, passed
away in 1998, very suddenly.

Guy's contact is guy@jazz-consulting.com

Penn Overland reunion for trip SK 1070 Kathmandu to London 24/2/1977

Ron & Lyn posted this on the forum. A 30 year reunion will be held 6,7,8 April 2007 in Warrnambool, Victoria, Aust. If you were on the trip they would love to see you, and I'm sure they would welcome any overlands who wanted to talk of old times.

Contact caloundrafurniturecourt@gmail.com

Have you seen the great early Overland pictures posted by Dave

In 1968 I set off from London as a passenger on this 1948 Maudslay Bus, for India, by the time we left Turkey I'd become a co-driver. The bus was operated by Safaris Overland from Stockwell, South London and I susbsequently drove more trips for them and other companies until 1977. Here are a few pictures of some buses I drove between London. India and Nepal.


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