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Penn Overland Tour RY 288 - (Slides & text by John Meyer)

The trip departed London on 30th July 1974 and arrived in Kathmandu on 6th October 1974. Driver was Vernon Sayce with me (John Meyer) as the Tour Leader. (Vernon died a number of years ago and was from Hereford. His brother Roger Sayce was also a Penn driver.)

I have been using a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000ED with a 35mm slide feeder to convert my old slides to digital images. It does a great job of getting rid of any junk on the slides. It’s a bit expensive but considering we have over 8,000 slides in total, I consider the conversion a multi-year project. As I said in my earlier email, I am currently working my way through the Overland portion.  All of the final photo finishing I do in Photoshop saving the original scans as a .tif files and then making .jpg files for general viewing. Here are some of the results.

The village of Istalif - Afghanistan, pictures taken 14th September 1974

Badgoan near Kathmandu - pictures taken on 13th Oct 1974

Great photo's John I only wish mine were of the same quality, to see more of John's images check out the Penn Slide Show

Capricorn Tour 1977 - images by Rick Mckay

The picture of the bus was taken the morning after a free-camping adventure in Iran.  Our group had not been allowed passage through Iraq, so we had to make a long detour from Jordan through Syria and Turkey and then down into Iran.  It was late at night and Simon Arms (Driver) found an open area off the road where we made camp.

Jack Karolewski suggested that I send you these photos from our 1977 Capricorn Tours trip - London to Kathmandu, and that perhaps you could post some of them on your website for others of our group who might stumble upon them.  Jack Karolewski, Joe Masonick, and I would love to hear from anyone with whom we shared this adventure.

To see more of Ricks images please check out the Capricorn Slide Show

Crossing into Nepal
Seeing John's picture of the Penn bus in a small Afghan village reminds me of the time I had to find an alternative route into Nepal. The road to Raxaul was flooded so we turned right and tried every left turn to see if it led to the border. We ended up in a small village between Sursana & Jaleswar, the streets were so narrow that roadside traders had to move their goods so we could squeeze through. The locals said the road led to Nepal but it was hard to belive we were not driving into a deadend. I don't know who had the bigger surprise me that there was a border crossing or the guards when we pulled up. Read the full story

Your own Slide Show
Got some great pictures and want to share them, email them to me and I will put up a selection in your very own show. You need to send 12 to 20 images with a minimum size of 850 pixels. Please provide a title for each picture to make them interesting and some details of the trip they were taken on. Each picture will be credited to you.
"The Road to Utopia" - by Charles Wright

download a copy of Charles book about his trip with budget Bus from London to Delhi in 1974


This book is dedicated to all those who made the journey from London to Dehli at the height of when the overland route was a myriad of colourful characters travelling from west to east or vice-versa.

The basis of this book is of course, my memory of all that happened, and the dates are taken from my diary.

The original book was written on the twentieth anniversary in 1994. Thirty years has now passed since I made this trip and its November 2004.

The overland road from London to Delhi not possible any more the era of the hippies is no more and we now live a world, which has changed since the free and easy years of the seventies.

There was civil war in Yugoslavia in the mid nineties with the split of the country into independent states.

The Ayatollah Khumani took over the rule of Iran in 1980 and the Shah died in exile in France in 1980.

Afghanistan has gone through two wars, been ruled by the Taliban and is now ruled by a puppet American backed government.

Good Karma Drive
The Good Karma Drive is raising money for the St Mary's School at Dharamsala, the school started in 1998 offers education to children who have been disadvataged. It has 400 student but needs a new school building and this trip from UK to India is to help raise funds. Please checkout their very good site at Good Karma Drive. My last email from them was from Mumbai where they were trying to clear customs with their vehicle after shipping it from Dubai. They are looking for any help to raise money.
Safari's Overland
Check out John Hackney's latest posts on the Forum at http://www.indiaoverland.biz/forum/viewtopic.php?id=81 and http://www.indiaoverland.biz/forum/viewtopic.php?id=65.
Overland DVD's
There is now a YouTube clip for each of the DVD's available on this site, plus a collection of YouTube video's that you may find interesting. You can also now use Visa & Master Card via PayPal to purchase them.

Looking for Sheilagh

HEY,hey, how do you do? I am in Canada , Allan Macdonald, from Ottawa, Ontario, allanmac2003@hotmail.com, I traveled overland from London to Kathmandou with Sheilagh Atkinson from Shropshire , Shrewsbury, in  a Bedford van, with Eddie Wilson, Garth, an Aussie, a Canadian doctor and his wife , and a Dutch man going on to Thailand. We left London in the winter, via, France, Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Iran , Afghanistan, Pakistan, Delhi. Benares Katmandou, and took two Swedish girls, two Aussies guys, back to London with us. Sheilagh had traveled out on an overland bus tour in the fall of 70, including southern India, and returned with them only to Istanbul.where by the way I first met Shelagh. Of course I am trying to locate her, all these years later, she may even be living now in Australia, at the time she worked in London as a graphic designer. Now I know this is a real stretch, but any info you could supply as to who was running overland tours from London to India in 70 that might have lists or pics or anything of that nature , I would surely be grateful. . I don’t even have a picture from those days, imagine. But Shelagh took hundreds, anyway, hope to hear from you Derek, cheers, and peace. Allan

Can anyone help?

If you have any stories or pictures related to the Overland I would love to get a copy. Lists of passengers or just the ones you can remember would be a great addition to this project. To view back issues of this newsletter use this LINK. You can post anything to the Forum if you prefer, all info would be greatly received.
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