A newsletter for all the ex Overlanders
I must apologise for not sending out a newsletter last month I do have a good excuse, after being together for over 22 years Cindy and I finally got married on 13th May. We spent a few days in Sydney visiting all our old haunts & checking out some favorite resturants. If that wasn't enough after being in Australia for 31 years I got round to becoming an Australian 2 days after we got home.
This is a great shot taken at the Kyber border crossing. Sorry I don't know who sent it to me but it brings back memories. I have spent a night sleeping on those charpoys (string beds) to the bottom right of the picture. If you took your shoes off it was a good idea to place them under the legs of the bed so anyone trying to seal them would have to lift the bed to get them. Being woken in the morning with hot tea and a chilli omelette rolled in a chapatti is one of my fond memories of the overland.
This looks like the Greek - Turkish border crossing, sorry I don't know who sent this in. The bus and trailer outfit is German "Rotel Tours" who managed to get those things into some very remote places. Each passenger had their own bunk and a place to hang their clothes plus they had tables and chairs to eat at. We were a little jealous but delighted in making chicken noises when camped near them as they were like caged hens in that trailer.
Overland Manuals
I wish these had been around when I was driving the Overland, life would have been much easier. Harvey Bonham sent me these documents and Cindy (with some unlady like language, as they were well over 100 pages) scanned them for me turning them into PDF files. They have advice for people thinking of taking there own vehicle overland plus detail notes on the journey.

Trans Asia Manual covers vehicle selection, food, clothing, medical and lots more. (33 pages)

Trans Asia Route Report (part1) is a detailed description country by country of the history, customs, fuel supplies and route from Europe to Damascus. (54 pages)

Trans Asia Route Report (part2) goes from Damascus to Kathmandu. (62 pages)

Harvey must have put many hours into writing these reports back in the 70's its great that they have survived. Those who did the journey will find something of interest in these pages. Harvey has also sent me some old Trailfinder Magazines with some good articles in them, they will be featured in future newsletters.

Guy Ambler
After my last newsletter I received this email from Rob McKay:

After seeing various faces from the past it encouraged me to try & contact a few old friends. One of those was Guy Ambler.


Unfortunately, the news is not good. I spoke to his (second) wife - Rosalind last night, and Guy (now 75) is  in a residential care home in Devizes suffering from vascular dementia. It's very sad. He has good days & bad days, but often remembers nothing at all. He does however, recall various stories from his life on the road & generally becomes excited & more animated. I'm going to try & visit Guy in the next few weeks and I'm sure that there are many ex-drivers out there who would like to send messages & best wishes to Guy.


Maybe this can be done through this site (if you're OK with that Derek)? or email me direct at: robmckay@freenetname.co.uk and I'll print anything off & take them in when I visit. There but for the grace of God .....

You can send email to Rob or me and we will make sure they get to Guy


YouTube Video Ratings

As you know I have put up clips of the overland DVD's on YouTube, can I ask you to go on to YouTube site and give them a rating to help bring them up in search listing. All you have to do is click on this link YouTube then key indiaoverland (all one word) into the search box, this will bring up the 5 video clips. click on the video image (you don't have to watch them, just hit the stop button) just under the image is a row of stars just click on them to rate the clip. I can't rate them myself on YouTube, but without ratings they are less likely to be watched. Thanks for helping.


Barb(ara)  Herbut

I am so excited that I found this site!  I am a hughes Overland Asiaman.  We departed London to Sydney on May 13, 1974.  It was a fabulous trip....have never really let go of that.  It is nice to see that others feel the same way.  The bus we used was a Mercedes but  a much younger bus than what I have seen in your photos.  I remember that the license was OBX 2J.  Our Hughes trip was SSX5.  We left in convoy with a group in more of a "truck" .  We didn't travel side by side  but we met up at various points along the way.  ??I think the driver's name was John?? From my trip, I have a lot of memorabilia....The passenger list, smallest paper currency from every country...maps etc. let me know what you are interested in.  

Our trip was captained by Alan (Stuart) Morgan.  We all grew fairly close together and even to this day the memories don't fade I would like to contact him but don't know how.  I have another contact from our trip who is still as  "possessed" as I am.  His name is Rob Taylor.  He lives in Sydney. 

We all took slides I think for pictures but they are so cumbersome to look at.  In about 1999 I had all my good slides made into 5" X 7" inch  photos.  They look great.  I wouldn't mind getting them to you....do I need to get a scanner?  Please advise. 

It is always so hard to tell someone what you have seen.  How can you compare it?  The sights (Varanasi), the smells in the markets, The teeming population, and all the wonderful smiles from people in all the different countries..it can't be explained it has to be experienced. 

Please contact me if you would like to include this trip in your memoirs....ask any questions that you want...and contact  Rob Taylor  too. 

Look forward to hearing from you.

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