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Bit late with this newsletter been busy, just returned from Melbourne, don't go there its freezing.

Dal Lake - Kashmir

Most overlanders visited Kashmir, it was one of the trip highlights. You could get all energetic and go snow skiing at Gulmarg in winter or horse riding in summer, there were lesurly boat rides around the lake or you could put your feet up and be waited on hand and foot. Some even had a go at water skiing, even though the boat had trouble pulling its self along let alone a skier. There was something very majestic about the life on Dal Lake, servants to bring you Tea or arrange a picnic for your floating swaray around the lake. Hours spent strolling around the Mogul gardens or visiting the local factories in search of that must have soveiner. Unfortunatly the time went all to quick and soon it was time to pack up and head down to the Indian plains. Photo by J Meyer

Attock Bridge over the Indus River NWFP

The bridge at Attock is now just a tourist attraction, but in its time it was the major bridge over the Indus river, linking the North West Frontier Province with the Pakistani Punjab. It had great military significance and was built to slow any invading army. The entry and exit were at a sharp 90degree turn making it hard for tanks to maneuver. The bridge was narrow allowing for traffic to cross in one direction only, at a time. Built in England in 1880 the bridge was shipped out and assembled by Westwood Baillie & Co.  Check out the new posts at the Forum

Women of the Overland

The women on the overland are a subject all by themselves. It starts with the well dressed Europeans, progresses through the headscarf to a full burkka then they reappear as you enter India. They come in all shapes and sizes but their beauty and strength is hard to hide, even under the burkka there is a glimps of a well turned ankle. Check out the new posts at the Forum

India has come along way since the old Tata buses of the 1970's

Corona eyes expansion with new Prestige range

The coaches offer higher earning potential for operators, says Eliot Lobo.

Starting out as Autorola, later renamed Omnibus, under the umbrella of the Pune-headquartered Sai Service Group, of which he is a director, he set up a separate company two years ago called Corona Bus Manufacturers to build the latest generation of hi-deck coaches he and his team have designed. They are based on Neoplan monocoque spaceframe technology, originally derived from the Transliner N412H of 1980s vintage but perfected to suit the road and operating conditions in India. Read the whole article HERE

Hacker Found Dead

Well not yet but if I get my hands on him he will be. A hacker or more likely a snotty nose kid Hacked our Forum about a month ago. He deleted some of the posts and made himself the Administrator so as to get full control of it. It took many hours work to find a way to get control of it back. I must admit that I don't really understand how to operate a forum from a technical point of view.

Over the last couple of weeks I've had a crash course on PHP & MSQL, don't worry it doesn't mean much to me either. What have I learn't, well I now understand how to backup the forum correctly so next time it will not be such a hassle and I need to keep the software upto date. For those of you who have lost something from the Forum I am very sorry. If you can find the time it would be great if you could post it or something like it again. I have added a lot more Posts to the Forum to make up for some of what was lost.

When I Googled "Hacker" it said "A malicious meddler who tries to discover sensitive information by poking around. Hence password hacker, network hacker". There was an old Afghan saying that would apply to this hacker " May the fleas of a thousand camel infest your armpits".

Mail Bag
Hi Derek,
Your site becomes ever more awesome! I've a feeling we may have had a drink or two somewhere on the road back then. I started with a friend in 72/73 with an old yellow Bedford with a Leyland 'Rocket' engine. I got the Pudding Shop to paint some ads on it in exchange for free coffees and 'ikir yamorta'.
The bus obviously got called 'The Pudding Shop bus'! We went our seperate ways and I found my beautiful Mercedes which I painted silver, 'The Silver Express'. I traded as TASCO - Trans Asian Shuttle Company. I have a (humble) website - www.roadtogoa.com and I'd really like to exchange links with you. I'm not a computer wizard (as you'll see if you visit my site) so you'll need to give me a brief outline of what to do to set it up. Whenever I get a bit of spare time I try to add more memories/tales from those wonderful days. Do you still have contact with one of your very early drivers, named Tim?
He lived somewhere on the Somerset border, I think. I can't remember his last name but we used to keep in touch quite a bit and then lost contact. 
I'd like to contact him to say hello.I look forward to hearing from you, Derek.
Very best wishes,
Jonathan (Rocket Jon!) Benyon.

In a previous Newsletter Allan was looking for Shelagh, well she's found

Hi Derek

Well , 34 years later I found the Englishwoman, Shelagh Atkinson, who travelled out to India on one of the overland buses originating in London. On her return, to London from her first trip, she bought a bedford van and with a Canadian doctor and his wife, Eddie Wilson, a Oaklander USA, Garth from Aussie and a Dutch fellow going to Changmai, and myself we set out to Nepal and back. Shelagh is now in Pittwater, near Sydney. and she has sent me some photos from those days, I will forward them to your address and you can post them up for all to see, who knows perhaps someone will recognize  and contact . take care  Allan from Canada.

Overland DVD's
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