As usual this newsletter is overdue, Cindy and I have been to Hong Kong, Macau & Medan in the last few weeks, that's my excuse. You can read the travel notes for these trips at We have 2 weeks in Phuket before heading off again, more news on that later. We are looking at a visit to Iran later in the year plus going to Pyongyang North Korea to see the Mass Games.
We have put our home up on a Home Swap site to basically get free accomadation for some of the longer trips. It seems to make sence not paying hotel bills when our home is empty. Our first exchange looks like Madrid in August with a stop over in Istanbul on the way. We'll let you know how it goes.

These pictures from Sharon who did a Swagman Tour in September 1973

Thanks for the memories. Travel with Asian Greyhound Spetember 1973. Our driver was Bob Ashford. Sharon

Hi Sharon

You must have been on the departure that had 3 vehicles traveling together for some of the time. Bob drove one bus, a Spanish guy? drove one and I drove another. One bus broke down in southern Iran and I stayed with it to repair it while the other 2 went on. Does that ring a bell?

It certainly does. I got my journal out and even found references to you....

on the salt lake...Derek takes off, too far to follow. In salt, mud lake. other two buses afraid of being bogged. We avoid the dark patches. come to the center. Three buses 1 1/2 hours taking turns driving the bus. Climb on top rack  and ride in the sun. follow too close to the front bus. covered in dust cloud. mirages, miles of salty sand---ridges of distant surrounding mts.
and a few days later..Derek driver from other bus talking about 2 brothers walking around the world and one of them was killed in Kabul. I mentioned it because before leaving on the trip I had cut out an article about them.
Small world and one great journey.  Ended up working in Australia for 6 months and then taking a Siafu camping trip overland Africa and back to Europe.
Thanks again for article and sound bites Great! Sharon

The Journey Home from the Diaries of Elizabeth (Libby) Stevenson

Alison & Libby in Auckland 1969

M.S. Khabarovsk Anchord in Freemantle
Harbour - 4 April 1972

The view Libby had everyday whilst travelling
A well travelled young lady who caught the bug many of us are still struggling with, the only know treatment is more travelling. Take the time to read her journal. Download it Here

The Perfect Cup of Tea

A friend of mine has just published a book about his search through Africa for the perfect cup of tea. You may wish to mention it on the newsletter! See

Cheers, Michael Donkin

Reunion July 1975 Swagman Trip

I have just discovered your website.  35 after doping the trip.  What prompted me is that 6 of us are having a catch-up in Perth, this Sunday March 28th for the first time in 35 years.  We are bringing photos etc and memories. 
I will be letting the others know of this website and a couple of others in far flung countries that I have a little contact with at Xmas.
My trip departed Kensington for Kathmandu in July 1975, the driver was Geoff and co driver was "Razz".
No list of names appear on your sit.  do you have access to them? if not I have 'some names' to assist and can put on the thinking cap and search out some paperwork. 

My name is Elizabeth Watson (Liz) and I have just read the note from Bob Mulligan.  I was on the trip with he and his ex!.  6 of our fellow travellers are meeting tomorrow near Fremantle, Western Australia.  I have seen each of the others individually but we have never all been together in 35 years. One of them is the Doctor (and his wife who was also on the trip

Names of  those meeting tomorrow: 
Elizabeth Watson (LIZ) 
Dot Lucas (Burns)
Joy Thomas
Sue Cunningham  (lives Stawell, Vic)
Dr Andrew Cunningham (Stawell)
plus Deborah ....?   Now Calvert origianlly from England lives in Perth. 
wow...What memories.  This Sunday, we will relive and recall!!!
Elizabeth Watson For more info check out this Forum Entry

DVD of Hughes trip by Barbara Herbut
Hi Derek, 
Nice to hear from you.  I talked to you last summer about Hughes Overland (1974) and did make contact with tour leader, Alan Morgan.  I spent quite a bit of time getting a DVD prepared as a slide show complete with music from the bus.  Could you use this??? I really want to send it to you to view.  I have shown it to many people...travellers and arm chair travellers. 

Thanks!! Barbara Herbut

If you order a DVD from the website and you would like a copy of Barbara's DVD just let me know.

Pennworld Poem - London to Kathmandu SK1069
Found this the other day amongst my stuff. I was on the Pennworld London to Kathmandu sk1069
Also completed Africa Overland in 1984 with Exodus
Lionel Perth Western Australia

You can download your copy HERE

Computer Help
This is not overland related but might interest some of you. We have a computer whizz here in Phuket "Khun Woody" (Woody Leonard) author of several of the "Windows for Dummies" books. We go to a computer group each Sunday morning held by Woody and it has helped us to understand much more about computers and security on the web. He knows a lot about windows and insists that you do not allow windows to do Automatic updates & do not use Internet Explorer, he tells you when the updates are safe to apply on his website also check out sign up for the newsletter.

Arm Chair Travel
Your Overland site is always worth a look.
Back in  the late 80s early 90s there was an Aussie who had brought an ex army truck overland from Aus to UK. He then bought a couple of  double deck buses and was going to take them back, overland.
I met him with his truck (and one of the buses)  and I offered to drive one for him, but in the end I think he ran out of cash or whatever  and that was the end of that.
  I drove "band buses" around for a few years, getting as far as Moscow and Bucharest.
   It's your web site that takes me further today!  Thanks for taking the time to put it all in writing.
All the best    Steve White    (North Somerset UK)

Adventure Travel Film Festival
Hi Derek,

I am involved in organising the Adventure Travel Film Festival which is taking place as part of the Overland Expo in Arizona this April ( which attracts over 5000 people. I actually live in London, UK and the plan is then to bring the film festival to the UK later in the year and hold it as an annual event, both in Arizona and in England. The reason I am writing to you is that we are interested in screening 'The Road to Kathmandu' at the festival.

In a strange coincidence, my husband (who is a documentary film maker) knows David South (who filmed The Road to Kathmandu) and who showed us a DVD of the film recently. We loved it!

So, if you are interested in the film being included in the festival, could you please send us a DVD of the film to the following address:

Lois Pryce

Old Dharasala Wallahs
This is posted on the forum

I am the moderator of a social network forum called Old Dharamsala Wallahs. It hosts those who lived in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, in the 70s and 80s. Many of us lived there for years, had children there, studied Tibetan Buddhism and so on. Next November, we are having a reunion in Dharamsala. This will include a 2 -day meeting with the Dalai Lama, where we report back and discuss our experiences since those heady days. About 180 ODWs have signed up from all over the world. Recently, I had the idea of making the journey by Magic Bus, as I did in 1970. We are also looking into having the whole trip filmed, and are searching for funding. I think there is a real story here. However, we need a bus, and of course a driver. Does anyone have any ideas. Of course, the route may prove a problem these days, but I have looked into a bit,and I think via Baluchistan could be viable. If you any suggestions on this crazy, but do-able idea, please let me know



I am going to send some brochures from Aardvark as per your website request. I am going on holiday tonight for 10 days, I will write further on my return. I attach a couple of other early Aardvark sheets

Ardvark Brochure --Trip Sheet 1 -- Trip sheet2

Regards Paul Clisby

Exodus Passengers

This was forwarded by Don Pugh I recongnise many of the names and I wasn't on the trip.

Well Don, thanks a lot - a welknown old Exodus brochure !
I think if I start digging in my boxes upstairs I may find something like that too !
But what a remarkable item of yours : with signatures on the back ! - a message from Jetta Slegh,
- and the names of Henny de Bruin, Don Pugh, Mike Clark, Hans ? , ??, ??, Tanja Wild, Dave Jones, ??, Anne Jeromson, Andy ??, Brian ? , John ? and PJ ? 

We had the departure of September 16th 1975, Exodus Expedition Trip In my old diary I found this list of 25 names :

Caroline Lawrence, Valerie Knight, Paul Maciuk, Anne Jeromson, Andy Cleminson, Paul Pinchen

Mike Rooke, Brian Allen, Helen Finn, Hans Reinhart, Sue Burton, Michael Wilkinson, Ivan Delves

Jetta Slegh, Margaret Salmond, Jim McWeeney, Mike Clark, John Carscallen, Don Pugh

Peter Simons, Arie van der Leer, Peter Leeners, Tanja Wild, Marian Laurie, Henny de Bruin

drivers : Mike Deman + David Jones film crew : David South, Annie South, Brant

director : David Burlinson

I wonder what they all are doing after all that time ! I also have a list of all the overnight spots if you need it

Success Henny

Swagman Reminiscing

I discovered your internet site some months ago when searching for my own name on the internet.
I now live and work in Brisbane, Queensland after moving to Queensland from Newcastle NSW after returning from Britain via the Swagman tour to Kathmandu plus a bit of overland and flying form Kathmandu to Sydney via Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia (including Bali).

Life in Queensland has been good with homes made in Mackay, Bundaberg and Brisbane and the opportunity through work to see much of the Queensland coast. Most of that time has been as part of the sugar industry and the remainder in minerals related engineering.

I established friendships with Kerry Potts, Barry Pickett and John Elphinstone while on the Swagman adventure and still correspond with them. John is in England, Barry in New York and Kerry in Sydney. Like me all are now married and well settled and either retired or near retirement.

I see Kerry occasionally and we still do a bit of Swagman reminiscing, although my memory is much less than Kerry's.

Thanks for the website. Keep up the good work. Regards Grahame Sawyer

Exodus Memories

Hello Derek

I have just been introduced to your website India Overland, by a fellow overland traveler  – we did the crossing in 1975 (sept – Dec) from London to Kathmandu with Exodus Expeditions; Mike (don’t know his surname) was our excellent driver – I wonder where he is now – he had done the driving quite a number of times, even then!  He had a wealth of local and historical knowledge, was planning on writing a book (kept quite an extensive diary about each trip) but I don’t know whether the book ever transpired … after that part of the trip, I stayed a month in Nepal, trekked the Helambo track for 10 days, then went via Calcutta to Burma (7 days was all we could stay there) onto Thailand and Malaysia then Singapore.  I had plans to do Indonesia island hopping, but my body was exhausted and I needed a break.  Flew back to NZ and once back in the workforce, got involved in yachting which took me through the South Pacific, USA, via Panama into the Caribbean circuit.  Let me tell you that the overland trip experience was good grounding for the sailing experience … 

Fabulous to view the photos again on your website – thanks for the memories.  I took some 2000 slides on that trip and although the colours have faded a little, they are in reasonable condition.  My name is on the list of travelers of that trip – Jetta Slegh.

However, technology has moved on and next month I turn 60 and will have a family celebration, so I thought it would be fun to put some photos of my life on DVD, but how to get slides scanned.  So the thought of buying a couple of the DVDs that your have available may solve my issue.

Swagman Westbound May 1975
Hi Derek,
I was truly delighted to find your website. I was a passenger on a westbound Asian Greyhound which left Kathmandu at the end of May 1975. This bus was driven by Clive. All my records and photos of the trip were lost when I mailed them from Dubrovnik, and since this trip was one of the most interesting experiences of my life, it is wonderful to see all the materials which you have accumulated on this website. We left Kathmandu with perhaps 22 people, but the headcount quickly shrank as a combination of summer heat, dust, and dysentery caused a number of people to check into hospital or drop out. As I recall, 4 went into the hospital in Delhi, and another three had given up and flown home by Pakistan or Afghanistan. This gave us plenty of room on the bus! Everyone else on the bus was also sick and dehydrated, but hung in there and began to recover by the time we'd reached Iran. Those of us who toughed it out had a great experience and saw many parts of the world that as you know, have either disappeared through war, or for practical purposes are essentially closed to western travel. Most of the other passengers were Aussies.  I can only remember a few names, Mac, Sandy (Aussies); Kurt (German); a tall blond Norwegian man, who flew home since it wasn't fun; a Canadian married couple; Patrick (not sure of his nationality). I remember more faces than names, though. When the bus got to Dubrovnik, I fell in love with the city and stayed there while the bus went on without me, eventually continuing (overland of course) on to Paris and, eventually, home in California. Thanks for putting this together and I would be very interested in seeing any photos, memories, or souvenirs from others who were on this trip. I consider it one of the formative experiences of my life and it gave me a wanderlust that continues to this day.
Best regards, Steve

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