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Kodari Crossing
Another great contribution from Dave Tapsell is about the Friendship Bridge between Nepal & Tibet. Back in the 1970's this border was closed and it was frustrating to go there and be so close to Tibet but unable to get in. For us overland drivers with some time on our hands the trip to the Chinese Border was a good money earner. The local travel agents would hire us to do an early morning pick up then off to Dhulikhel for sunrise over the Himalayas, tea in a local chai shop then to Kodari. The road was rough but there were a few stops along the way, the swinging bridge, paper making village, hot springs & the border post. You could walk right up to the border and watch the Chinese guards at the other side of the bridge, on the Nepalese side they would even stamp your passport. Dave has a very good post on the forum, well worth a read

Sunrise over the mountains

The Friendship Bridge at Kodari

The Swinging Bridge

Passport Stamp

Paper Making

This trip and taking climbers to Pokahra was what paid the bills over winter. After a day at the Chinese border we would go to Hotel Soultee Oberoi and have a few beers and pretend we had lots of money. Order a gin & tonic "do you want Nepalese tonic or imported tonic" the imported was 4 times the price but if you had Nepalese it was undrinkable.

Passengers from Sep 1976 Eastbound
How are you mate?
You probably don't remember me but we (wife Helen & I) were passengers on your eastbound trip in September '76.  I was the Londoner who kept the float & Helen was the nice one who got the shits in west Pakistan & you dug out some bottled water you had been saving.

L to R Colin, Noeline, Helen, ? & Larry on houseboat in Kashmir

Check out the photo's in Larry's post on the forum

You can contact Helen & Larry via the forum.

Eastbound September 1976

The lot (minus 2) of us posing in Pokhara - Standing: Derek Amey, Katy Wilson, Dallas Strohfeldt, Roger Morehem, Colin Beere, Sarah Gunn, Helen Halpin, Larry Halpin, Noeline ?, Hilary Colver, Yank girl, trainee driver, Lesley Liversey, Brian Frost, girl from Rooty Hill, Yank bloke, Wanda Mitchell, Sarah Duke.  Kneeling: Mary(?) ?, girl from Charleville, John from Rooty Hill.  Lying down: Yank girl
Missing are Rodney Griffiths & the other Aussie guy - one of whom is undoubtedly taking the picture

Ceeley - Intertrek Eastbound 1976
Hi - Stumbled onto your website - enjoyed the photos.  I did an Intertrek trip from London to Katmandu departing September 1976.  We were 2 trucks traveling together as one truck had a driver that had done the trip several times and my truck had 2 drivers that had never done the trip.  I was the only American on the trip.  Met a Dutch guy on that trip and we married in 1981. Stayed in touch with the Dutch folks on the trip as I lived in Holland for 5 years in the late 70's-early 80's.  My husband and I eventually "settled" in the US in 1983.  We're still in touch with the Dutch folks, 3 English and 2 Japanese from that trip.  The Dutch folks and me have a reunion somewhere in the world every 5 years and we see each other in between times, too.  We were in England & Holland in April and visited all those folks.  The overland trip was a great trip, a great time and those of us who have kept in touch are very special friends - 30 years now! 

If you want to contact Ceely just send me an email.

Janet - Frontier International 1972
I traveled with Frontier International around Europe in 1971...and came home to the US and worked, saving all my money for other trip with Frontier...this time from London to Kathmandu in 1972... It was on that trip in Iran that I met my my husband, Stuart at a campsite in Tehran...Your website brought back many memories of the good old days....

If you want to contact Janet just send me an email.

If you have any stories or pictures related to the Overland I would love to get a copy. Lists of passengers or just the ones you can remember would be a great addition to this project.
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