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Intertrek in Kathmandu 1974

At last some more pictures of Intertrek these were sent in by Diny Heegers & John Vincent

Intertrek & Encounter Overland meet up in Africa 1975

Budget Bus Enroute to Delhi 1977

Read Jon Langfords email and see more pictures about a trip with Budget Bus

India in a Bentley
I recieved this email from Ian Johnston ex overland driver, he just can't keep away from the place. Hands up those who want to go on his next trip.

My wife, Roz, and I were lucky enough to be able to take an old Bentley through Pakistan/India/Nepal last year - see website - first time I'd driven there for 25 years, you don't forget!

Off to southern India for a couple of weeks end of October to drive an Ambassador - should be interesting.

On one Himalayan bend we had pulled over to admire the view, not a vehicle within sight or earshot, purring around the bend came Pete Heller’s R-Type.

Pictures of Shiraz
Does anyone have picture of Shiraz that they can send to me. I have had this request :


I found your website and I saw you were in Iran, Shiraz many years ago. I would like to know if you have any pictures from that trip to send me. I am from Shiraz and I want to use them in my site for old Shirazi generation. I will mention they are from yours and introduce your site to my readers as well...Please let me know.
Thank you. Ali.

I have slides from Iran but I am not sure which ones were taken in Shiraz, can anyone help me out with some Shiraz pictures. Anything will do, Ali would be happy with anything you can find, just email them to derek@indiaoverland.biz and I will forward them on.

India Overland Forum

Please go on to our forum and post anything about your trip, it is not difficult, you just need to register and then type in your text, it could not be easier. I have about 2 or 3 signups per day but unfortunatly most of them are from Russia and if I leave them there they post porno stuff to the forum. So if you sign up don't use an obscure name or email i.e. bigbreasts@mail.ru or I will surely delete you.

Corrugations - remember them?

John Vincent found this video on YouTube, a reminder for all you who drove the road from Jahedan to Dalbandin, it had corrugations on its corrugations.


(Warning this clip contains course langauge)

Then & Now
Are any of you brave enough to send in a Then & Now shot?

I did a very good impersonation of a Mujahadeen back then, would not have looked out place standing next Osam Bin Laden. All I need is a rocket launcher!

Dig out them old passport and give us a good laugh. For occupation my passport said "Expedition Leader" how sad is that.

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