Swagman Times - Current & Past Issues

If you ever did an Overland trip or would like to read about this adventure then have a look at our Newsletter "Swagman Times". I try to get one out every month, any material you can send me would be a great help.
Swagman Times 25 - Sep 10 New Book/Vintage Overland/Trip to Turkey/old Intertrek
Swagman Times 24 - Dec 8 Keremoti/Thassos/Trip to India/Overland Diary
Swagman Times 23 - Mar 17 Kathmandu in 1958 / New Slide Show / Flying Chapati's / Sundecker/ Mailbag
Swagman Times 22 - Nov 27 5 Fingered Eddie/Exodus/Facebook/Twitter/Swagman Feb 1974/Bhopal
Swagman Times 21 - Oct 19 Turkey visit/ Intercontinental Transit/ Budget Bus/ Travel Blog
Swagman Times 20 - July 30 Overlanders Novel/Swaggies Catch Up/Overlanders in Phuket/A Letter from Harvey
Swagman Times 19 - May 10 Journal of Libby Stevenson/Perfect cup of Tea/DVD of Hughes Trip/ Pen Poem/Mail Bag
Swagman Times 18 - Feb 10 Swagman Images/Jungle Trip/EO 1977-78/Mail Bag
Swagman Times 17 - Nov 09 Hughes/Ex Swagman Driver/Which Company?/The Budget Bus Story
Swagman Times 16 - May 09 Great Images/Only Two Seats Left/Capricorn/Mail Bag
Swagman Times 15 - Dec 08 Coco Houseboats/ Overland Rambling/ Tentrek/ Mail Bag
Swagman Times 14 - Oct 08 Exodus/ Kathmandu Ropeway/ Pammakale/ Mail Bag
Swagman Times 13 - Sep 08 Kashmir/ Attock/ Women of Overland/ Corona Bus/ Hacker/ Mail Bag
Swagman Times 12 - July 08 New Hughes DVD/ New Slide Shows/ 1958 Guy Vixen/ Budget Bus Story/ Mail Bag
Swagman Times 11 - June 08 Kyber/Asia Manuals/Guy Ambler/YouTube/Mail Bag
Swagman Times 10 - April 08 Penn/Capricorn/Road to Utopia/Good Karma Drive/Mail Bag
Swagman Times 9 - March 08 DVD's/Bob Hughes/Geoff in Tassy/Slide Shows/Mail Bag
Swagman Times 8 - October 07 Magic Bus/ Road to Kathmandu/Hughes/Sundowners/Geoff Lawrence/Brian Stanley
Swagman Times 7 - September 07 Intertrek/Budget Bus/India in a Bentley/Corrugations/Then & Now
Swagman Times 6 - August 07 Izmir Turkey/ Breakdown Iran/ South India Trip/ New Contacts
Swagman Times 5 - July 07 Lourdes & Mustafa Hotels/Overland Today/Penn World RY268/ Rob Muligan
Swagman Times 4 - June 07 Friendship Bridge/ Ex passengers/Intertrek/Frontier
Swagman Times 3 - May 07 Top Deck Daze/ Workshop/ Google Earth/ E-Book
Swagman Times 2 - April 07 Past passengers found/ Workshop stories/ Vist to Fred & Jan
Swagman Times 1 - March 07 Film of the overland/ Norm's son Guy Harris/ Penn Overland reunion
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An overland journey to India following the India overland trail through Belgium, Germany, Austria Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, & Nepal. Visting sites of Dubrovnic, Split, Kotor, Athens, Kerimoti, Istanbul, Galipolli, Troy, Delphi, Efes, Goreme, Nemrut, Tehran, Esphan, Persepolis, Shiraz, Kerman, Bam, Quetta, Kandahar, Kabul, Bamian Valley, Kyhber Pass, Indus river, Lahore, Punjab, Amritsar, Kashmir, Delhi, Agra, Taj Mahal, Vanaris, Patna, Raj Path, Kathmandu, Himalyas. All this undertaken in a 20 year old Asian Greyhound, Swagman Tours, LS Bristol bus. This Indiaoverland company was held together by Norm Harris an expatriate Aussie living in Windsor. With drivers like Bob Ashford, Geoff Lawrence, Clive Parker, Dave Watt, Ronnie Martin, John Witchard, Ken Mcdonald, Derek Amey & couriers Fred Fisher, Jos Livingstone, Peter Swift, Kieren Smith & mechanics Gordon Hammond, Graham Libby, Pomme John & Rastas just to name a few.