Swagman Tours Eastbound July 1973
Trish from NZ who usurped Scouse's girlfriend in Athens!!
His girlfriend who was also the courier, took off and went back to the UK.
David Harcombe, now teaching in Phuket in Thailand.  david@fsi.psu.ac.th   davidharcombe@hotmail.com
Gwen Brackenridge,
Nelly from Sydney
Pat from Tasmania.
Tinika from Burnie in Tasmania.
Swanee, from Perth.
Derek, from Wolverhamton, I think  Derek married an Indonesian lady and had to be circumcised to become a Muslim at age 24!! Ouch!
Neil from Nottingham. He was a carpenter.
Don and Ros Perche from Adelaide.
Carole Perche, Don's sister.
Mike and Linda from UK
Sharon and Geoff Blake from Brisbane.
Geoff and Michelle Hunt from London,  Geoff is in Melbourne somewhere we think and we don't know what happened to Michelle.
Steve from Manchester...or somewhere in the North of England.
Jean and Heather, a couple of english nurses.
Fred, who was over 70 and the oldest person on the trip.
Max from Switzerland.
Peter Grainger and his two sisters from UK.
John Williams from Wales.

Myself Chris Bull & my now wife Lynne Russell

Driver Scouse - real name Eddie?