Penn Overland Westbound 26/6/1976

Passenger List
John Darbyshire
John Hyde
Derek[no surname]
Denise Lowthe
John Waters
Jenny Hirst
Cheryl Forster
Brenda and Peter Young
Jan Ebbott
Cathy Downes
Ikuo Tanaka
Peter Boyle
Wendy Bowler
Bob Chittel
Wendy and Terry Curtain
Peter Ellis
Diane Hume – Spry
Libby Crichton
Heather Uebergang
Heather Jamieson
Jane Gordon
Bruce Inch
Bruce Dyer
Lyndal Lee
Jeff Mayes
Sharyn Mattern
Cecilia Campbell
Toni McCowan
Sally Kennedy
Anne Gooding
Lorraine Marshall
Ian Murray [driver]
Dave Maddern{courier].
List supplied by Heather MacLean (Uebergang) if you were on this trip Heather would love to hear from you - Contact by Email