Penn Overland RY268 Westbound February 1971

Passenger List
Gordon and Julie Coster
Bob and Beth Murray
Paul and Gillian Northgrave
Tito and Greta Pedraja
Rene and Margret Schott
Graham and Denise Smalley
Gerry and Hilde Lesheim
Faye Anderson
Angela Mann
Faye Maclean
Angela Sprengel
Linda Reid

Margret Zimmernman (courier)
Travers Cox (driver)
Pat Moynihan
Elspeth Anderson
Rita Weber
Georgette Verspreeuwen
Christine (Kri Kri) Nicolaidis
Mike Aamodt
Rex Delmaine
Ray Harrington
Tony Coomes
Bob Stewart
Glenn Johnston
Ian Tracy
Jens Zimmerman
Mike Wanklyn
List & photo supplied by Linda Reid

Margret and Trevor (courier and driver) in front of the bus at Faletti's in Lahore