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Butcher Kabul 2nd Bus from Istanbul 1972 Nepal Boy  --  ? Budget Bus Carrying Co Kabul Don't go half loaded Driver Ian in Czechoslovak End of trip Greece Inside Bus  -  Roof of Bus Nepal Few nights breakdown on autobhan German autobarn Greece 1972 Last day Hotel Budget bus Hotel in no mans land Iran India 1972 Kabul 2nd bus 1972 Kabul Kabul 1972 Khyber pass Me & snake 1972 Czech village after breakdown Police check point Afghanistan Singapore Yak Nepal Kyber - Afghan Man Back Street Kabul Chess in Kabul Children in Nepal Monk in mountains Nepal Veiw from hotel in Deli Wall above Kabul Budget Bus &  Lahore Bus next to Hotel - Pakistan Budget Bus Trip - Steve Scully Budget Bus in Mts Turkey Budget Bus in Mts Turkey Len Mchale Kiwi Carpet Factory - Shoe maker Bus Box on Kabul Hash Kabul Kabul KatmandujQuery Windows by VisualLightBox.com v3.2