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"The Road to Kathmandu"
(running time 48 mins)
"Swagman Tours"
(running time 48 mins)
"Safari's Overland"
(running time 200 mins)
"A Passengers Eyes"
(running time 60 mins)
"London to Kathmandu"
(running time 59 mins)
"Overland Kathmandu"
(running time 45 mins)

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A 5 month 10,000 mile journey from Belgium to Nepal in 1973

Steven H Radiloff

An extraordinary photojournalistic accounting of a 1973 overland journey from the North shore of Belgium to the base of the Himalayas in Nepal. 10,000 miles in 5 months at a time when the door was closing to Americans wanting to travel the same route.

In 1973, the world was just at the brink of a shift we are still reeling from today, more than 40 years later.  Events that would significantly change the direction of human history forever.  In what could be considered a blink of an eye, the world lost a large portion of its remaining innocence.  By the next year, we, as Americans, could not have repeated the trip, right to this very moment.

The world was far from an ideal place, but it did allow 2 young American men to travel safely and unabated in countries and areas few Americans had ever seen or experienced.

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"Faraway Place with Strange Sounding Names"
by Gerald Davis

The 1950's, 60's & 70's were a magic era in adventure travel. Buses crossed continents for Penn Overland, Indiaman & other companies, traversing scenic lands & harsh deserts, to fabled cities of Asia, Europe, Africa & South America.

This book is a window into that time, & for all the thousands who travelled, a chance to relive their journeys of a lifetime. Drawing on memories & mementos of former Penn staff & passengers the world over. Gerald Davis has saved the story from disappearance, & told it in this evocative book.

"It's a great read with lots of pictures to jog those old brain cells". To get your copy please email Gerald at pennoverlandstory@bigpond.com

Overland to India, Africa, South America what better way to experience the World. The journey was long and not with out its risks, but the adventurous wanted to go, all they needed was an inexpensive option.

The Overland was born. Using old buses, converted fire trucks and double deckers, companies were springing up everywhere. The options ranged from the delux trips run by Rotel Tours (Des Rolling Hotel) based in German and Penn Overland from London, down to Magic Bus from Amsterdam which offered a 4 day 24 hours a day trip to Delhi for as little as $45.

The purpose of this site is to reconnect those who undertook this adventure to India, Africa & South America & to make an historical record of expeditions that are hardly possible today.

The number of operators that made these journeys is endless, this is just a short list...

Aardvark Expeditions, Anglo Australian Company, Asian Greyhound, Atrek, Capricorn Overland Tours, Budget Bus, CCT, Contiki, Encounter Overland, Exodus Expeditions, Hann Overland, Hughes Overland, Indigo, Inter Trek, Magic Bus, Penn World Overland, Rotel Tours, Safaris Overland, Sherpa Expeditions, Sundowners, Tentrek Expeditions, The Overlanders, Top Deck Travel, Trans African Expeditions, King Kong, Himalayan Tiger, Tangerine Tours, The Silver Express, P.B.K., Crazy Bus, No Sweat Overland Tours & Playmates Camping

More info on some of these Operators

This website is a group effort, much of the material has been supplied by ex Overlanders, my job is to present it for all to read. I'm Derek Amey I worked for Asian Greyhound based at 15 Kings Road Windsor who ran buses to India under the name Swagman Tours. From 1973 to 1977 I was driving tours to Nepal and part of this site is my account of the time I spent on the Overland. (Note Swagman Tours ceased operation in 1978 this site is an historical record of its journeys to India)

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An overland journey to India following the India overland trail through Belgium, Germany, Austria Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, & Nepal. Visting sites of Dubrovnic, Split, Kotor, Athens, Kerimoti, Istanbul, Galipolli, Troy, Delphi, Efes, Goreme, Nemrut, Tehran, Esphan, Persepolis, Shiraz, Kerman, Bam, Quetta, Kandahar, Kabul, Bamian Valley, Kyhber Pass, Indus river, Lahore, Punjab, Amritsar, Kashmir, Delhi, Agra, Taj Mahal, Vanaris, Patna, Raj Path, Kathmandu, Himalyas. All this undertaken in a 20 year old Asian Greyhound, Swagman Tours, LS Bristol bus. This Indiaoverland company was held together by Norm Harris an expatriate Aussie living in Windsor. With drivers like Bob Ashford, Geoff Lawrence, Clive Parker, Dave Watt, Ronnie Martin, John Witchard, Ken Mcdonald, Derek Amey & couriers Fred Fisher, Jos Livingstone, Peter Swift, Kieren Smith & mechanics Gordon Hammond, Graham Libby, Pomme John & Rastas just to name a few.